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Getting Started

If you are new to the computational linguistics program, you might be interested in GettingStarted with computational linguistics at IU.

If you're not on the computational linguistics email list, COMPLING-L, send a blank email to: CompLing-l-subscribe 'at' indiana.edu ... This is where announcements are sent out about CLingDing (see below) and everything else.


CL Discussion

Nearly every week, we have a discussion group (CLingDing, Spring2018ClingDing) where people present work-in-progress or useful tutorials. Last semester's list can be found here Fall2017ClingDing: Past topics include HowToUseBigRed and UnixTricks.

For the history of these talks, please see CL_lunch. The computational linguists also hosted the Professionalization_Workshop during the Spring 2008 semester.

NLP Reading Group

Share, read, and discuss interesting NLP papers. Fall 2016 semester meeting time is Friday 4-5pm, in BH 306. See our page here: http://cl.indiana.edu/wiki/nlp_reading_group_fall2016



The department maintains a List_of_Corpora from many languages.

Lab Manual

Some useful information for the Lab in Memorial Hall 401.

Bloggregation and reading list

Started a list of CL/NLP blogs over here: ClBloggregation. Do you write stuff online? Do you read stuff online? Maybe you could add some blogs to the list.

What is everyone doing?

Add to the Wiki

Click "edit (text)" to edit existing pages. To add a page, delete the current page name from the URL and enter a new one. For example, change http://cl.indiana.edu/wiki/MainPage to http://cl.indiana.edu/wiki/NewPage to create NewPage. You will notice that making a link to a non-existent page allows you to create it as well.

It would be useful for you to create a user name so we can keep track of who has changed what. Click 'login', then 'add user' and create a user name and password.

See also WikiNews for updates to the wiki itself.



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