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Here are some of the people I have been blessed to be able to work with.
They tend to make me smile.

Primary Advisor/ Chair.

Marta Llebaria Ortega , Associate Prof. of Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh. Thesis, Spring, 1997.:An Explanatory Intelligibility Test for Spanish Accented English.

Maureen Beck-Ng Lee, Language Survey Researcher, South Asia. Thesis, Spring, 1998: Declination, Catathesis, and Focus in Teochew Intonation.

Keiichi Tajima (co-chair w/ R. Port), Associate Prof., Hosei University. Thesis, Fall, 1998: Phonetics and Phonology of Speech Rhythm: a Cross-linguistic Exploration in Rhythmic Speech Production.

Bushra Zawaydeh, (co-chair w/ S. Davis), (Fall, 2003) Research Linguist, Basis Tehcnology. Thesis, Spring, 1999: The Phonetics and Phonology of Gutterals in Arabic.

Mafuyu Kitahara (co-chair w/ R. Port), Professor of Law, Waseda University. Thesis, Spring, 2001: Category Structure and Function of Pitch Accent in Tokyo Japanese.

Robert Glen. Assistant Professor of English, School of Applied Foreign Languages, Chung Shan Medical University. Thesis, Fall, 2002: Japanese Lexically Specified Accent: a Word-level Prominence System with Both Fundamental Frequency and Intensity as Components.

Byung-jin Lim Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Wisconsin. Thesis, Summer, 2003: Production, Perception, and Orthography in the Syllabification of Standard Korean.

Kwang-chul Park. Korean Nazarene University. Thesis, Fall, 2003: The Structure of the Accentual Phrase in Korean.

Cynthia Clopper (co-chair w/ D. Pisoni), Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University. Thesis, Summer, 2004: Linguistic Experience and the Perception of Dialect Variation: Some Effects of Residential History on Dialect Classification.

Caitlin Dillon, Postulate, Religious Sisters of Mercy, Alma, Mich. Thesis, Spring, 2005: Phonological Processing Skills and the Development of the Development of Reading in Deaf Children who Use Cochlear Implants.

Kyoko Nagao (co-chair w/ D. Kewley-Port), Research Scientist, Nemours Biomedical Research Center, Wilmington, Delaware. Thesis, Summer, 2006: Cross-language Effects on the Perception of Talkers' Ages.

Deborah Burleson (co-chair w/ R. Port), Projects Manager, Indiana University School of Medicine. Thesis, Fall, 2006: Training Second Language Productions for Second Language Intelligibility.

Miriam Shrager (co-chair w/ R. Feldstein), Senior Lecturer in Russian, Indiana University. Thesis, Summer, 2007: The Prosodic System of Northwest Russian Dialects.

Eric Oglesbee. Chief Engineer, Voicli. Thesis, Summer, 2008: Multidimensional Stop Categorization in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Canadian French.

Hanyong Park. Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Thesis, Summer, 2008: Phonological Information and Linguistic Experience in Foreign Accent Detection.

Vsevolod Kapatsinski. Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Oregon. Thesis, Summer, 2009: The Architecture of Grammar in Artificial Grammar Learning: Formal Biases in the Acquisition of Morphophonology and the Nature of the Learning Task.

Noah Silbert. Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders, University of Cincinnati. Thesis, Fall, 2009: Independence of Phonological Features in Speech Perception.

David Rojas (co-chair w/ J. Paolillo), Thesis, Summer, 2008: Features and Methods for Automatic Dialect Identification.

Jungsun Kim. Instructor, Yeungnam University. Thesis, Winter, 2010: The Influence of Dialect Exposure to Phonological Categories in Perceptual and Production Acquisition.

Iskra Iskrova.
(co-chair w/ A. Valdman). Post-doctoral Fellow, Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh. Thesis, Summer, 2010: Prosody and Intonation in Two French-based Creoles in the Caribbean: Haitian Creole and Gualeloupean Creole.

Duce McCune. (co-chair w/ Joyce Alexander) Associate Professor of Education, Eureka College. Thesis, Summer, 2011: Second Language Prosody and Oral Reading Comprehension in Learners of Brazilian Portuguese.

Kenji Yoshida. Thesis, Summer, 2011: Category Structure of Shiki-Accent Systems in the Mid-western Japanese Dialects.

Saowanee Treerat (co-chair w/ K. Bardovi-Harlig). Lecturer in English, Ubon Ratchathani University. Thesis, Fall, 2011: Sincerity, Intonation, and Apologies: a Case Study of Thai EFL and ESL Learners.

Yen-chen Hao. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, University of Tennessee. Thesis, Summer, 2012: The Effect of L2 Experience on Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Consonants, Vowels, and Tones.

Elizabeth Casserly. Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College. Thesis, Summer, 2013: Effects of Real-time Cochlear Implant Simulation on Speech Perception and Production.

Terrin Tamati. Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Groningen. Thesis, Summer, 2014: Individual and Group Differences in the Perception of Regional Dialect Variation in a Second Language.

Wil Rankinen. Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Grand Valley State University. Thesis, Summer, 2014: Exogenous Influences on the Vowel System of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Aaron Albin. Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Kobe University. Thesis, Summer 2015: Typologizing native language influence on intonation in a second language: Three transfer phenomena in Japanese EFL learners.

Heather Rice (co-chair w/ Steve Franks). Research Associate, University of Texas. Thesis, Fall 2015: Perceptual Acquisition of Secondary Palatalization in L2: Strengthening the Bonds between Identification and Discrimination with Multi-Sequence Category Mapping.

Jonathan North Washington. Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Swarthmore College. Thesis, Summer, 2016: The Role of Tongue Root in the Production of Vowels in Turkic and Mongolic Languages.

Jonathan Anderson (co-chair w/ Sam Obeng). Visiting Research Scientist, CASL. Thesis, current: The Phonetics and Phonology of Speech Rhythm in Akan.

Kirsten Todt Regier. Instructor of TESOL, Taylor University. Thesis, current: Dynamic Time Warping: Better than Science Fiction, it’s Acoustic Phonetics!: The Acquisition of Durational Contrasts by Spanish Learners of English.

Silvina Bongiovanni (co/chair w/ Erik Willis). Thesis: current: Production of Vowel Nasality in Two Dialects of Spanish.

Lin, Yu-Jung.
Thesis: current: Percieving Mandarin Glides.

Phillip Weirich. Thesis: current: Explorations of Dialect Perception in Indiana.

Amy Peters. Research Specialization: Cross-language perception, sociolinguistics, and acquistion.

Kuan-Yi Chao. Research Specialization: Phonetic Acquisition.

Samson Lotven. Research Specialization: Tone in grammatical systems.

Lan Yu. Research Specialization: Second language learning.

Coleen Feehan. Research Specialization: Bilingual Cognition.

Ph.D. Thesis Committees -- Member

Fred Cummins Director, Cognitive Science Program, University College Dublin. Research Topic: Speech Timing. Summer, 1997.

Catherine Rogers Associate Prof., Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Florida. Research Topic: Cross Language Intelligibility. Summer, 1997.

Minsu Shim, English, Ulsan University. Research Topic: Korean Phonology. Summer, 1997

Seung-hoon Shin, English Language and Literature, Dongseo University. Research Topic: Korean Phonology. Summer, 1997

Robert Westmoreland, Research Linguist, Microsoft. Research Topic: Intonatonal Semantics. Summer, 1998

Chin Wan Chung, Hannam University. Research Topic: Korean Phonology and Morphological Reduplication.. Fall, 1999

Talant Mawkhanuli (in Central Eurasian Studies), Lecturer in Near Eastern Languages, University of Washington. Research Topic: Tuwa Phonology. Fall, 1999

Jong-Kyoo Kim, Korean Language and Literature, Seoul National University. Research Topic: Korean History, Phonology, and Lexical Structure, Summer, 2000

Minkyung Lee, Pusan National University. Research Topic: Korean Phonology. Summer, 2001

Hae-kyung Wee, Sejong University. Research Topic: Focus and Intonational Semantics. Summer, 2001

Karen Baertsch, Associate Prof. of Linguistics, Southern Illinois University. Research Topic: Syllable-Level Constraints. Spring, 2002

Sarah Ferguson , Associate Prof. of Audiology, University of Utah. Research Topic: Effects of Speaking Mode on Speech Intelligibility . Summer, 2002

Peter Viechnicki (Linguistics, University of Chicago). Senior Scientific Linguist, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Research Topic: Categorization of Speech Variability by Listener/Imitators. (Very very cool thesis.) Summer, 2002

Laura McGarrity. Lecturer in Linguistics and Communication, University of Washington. Research Topic: Secondary Stress Typology. Summer, 2003

Maria Garcia de la Bayones (Spanish), Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Research Topic: Using Method of Adjustment Tasks to Probe Second Language Perceptual Systems. Summer, 2004

Caroline Richie. Lecturer in Psychology, Iowa State University. Research Topic: Training Visual Speech Reading. Summer, 2004

Mark Pennington, Research Topic: Phonetic and Phonological Dimensions of Voice Quality. Fall, 2005

Seth Ofori. Research Topic: Akan Grammatical Systems. Summer, 2006

Kim Swanson, Associate Professor of French, University of Kansas. Research Topic: Second Language Phonological Learning. Summer, 2006

Rich Muriel-File, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of New Mexico. Research Topic: Variable Rules in South American Spanish. Spring, 2007

Mark Van Dam, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing Science, Washington State University. Research Topic: Lexical Structure in Production and Perception. Summer, 2007

Ashley Farris-Trimble, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University. Research Topic: Phonological Conspiracies and Predictions of Optimality Theory. Summer, 2008

Brian Jose, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Indiana State University. Research Topic: Variation and Prediction of Language Change. Fall, 2008

Audrey Liljestrand-Fultz. Research Topic: Prosodic Aspects of Syntactic Processing in Second Language Learning. Fall, 2008

Dongmyung Lee, Assistant Professor, Yeungnam University. Research Topic: The Phonology of Korean Pitch Accent Systems. Fall, 2008

Shannon Halicki, Dean of the Honors College, West Liberty University. Research Topic: The Acquisition of Phonological Processes. Spring, 2009

Dunia Catalina Mendez Vallejo, Associate Director of Spanish Language, Princeton University. Research Topic: The Syntax of Focus Constructions in Varieties of Spanish. Summer, 2009

Majdi Bamakhrama. Research Topic: Syllabification Systems in Arabic Phonological Systems. Fall, 2009

Nicholas Hendriksen, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Michigan. Research Topic: Intonational Variation in Continental Spanish Varieties. Spring, 2010

Steve Grimes, Research Linguist, Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania. Research Topic: Probabilistic Phonotactics in Hungarian. Summer, 2010

Chris Green, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Syracuse University. Research Topic: The Bamano Phonological System. Fall, 2010

Anne-Jose Villeneuve, Assistant Professor of French, University of Alberta. Research Topic: Phonological Variation in Regional Varieties of French. Summer, 2011

Eric Halicki, Lecturer in French, West Liberty University. Research Topic: Prosodic Phonology in Picard. Summer, 2011

Rebecca Ronquest, Assistant Professor of Spanish, North Carolina State University. Research Topic: The Phonetic Systems of Heritage Learners of Spanish. Summer, 2012

Yufen Chang, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Western Kentucky University. Research Topic: Attrition Patterns in the Younger Generation of Min Speakers. Summer, 2012.

Jung-Yueh Tu, Post-doctoral Fellow, Taiwan Normal University. Research Topic: Japanese Borrowings into Min. Spring, 2013

Michael Gradoville, Lecturer of Spanish, Spelman College. Research Topic: Lexical Frequency Effects in Reduction Patterns. Summer, 2013

Joseph Legaspi, Baritone, Marqueno Music. Research Topic: Filipino Vocal Music. Spring, 2014

Eriko Atagi, Post-doctoral Fellow, Volen Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University. Research Topic:Foreign Accent Identification. Spring, 2014

Kris Ebarb, Postdoctoral Fellow in Lingusitics, University of Missouri. Research Topic: Bantu Tone Systems. Summer, 2014

Tanya Flores, Instructor of Spanish, University of Utah. Research Topic: Chilean Socio-phonetics. Summer, 2014

Michael Dow, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Montreal. Research Topic: Nasalization in varieties of French. Fall, 2014

Chung-lin Yang. Research Topic: Orthographic Influences in Phonological and Morphological Learning. Summer, 2015.

Erin Noelliste (Germanic Studies). Research Topic: Phonological Variation in Dialects of German. Spring, 2017.

Ala Simoncyk. (Second Language Studies and Slavic) Research Topic: Perception, Production, and Encoding in the Learning of Russian Phonology.