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More Personally ...
I am a Christian (which means I beleive in the gospel). My family and I have been part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church here since we moved to Bloomington in 1994. I love these people; they are embodiments of God's grace. If you ever are interested in coming with me when we meet together, please let me know. (Or just show up.). Also if you have questions about Christianity, I'd be happy to explore them with you.

More about the pic on the home page ...
The pic on the home page is me w/ my chilluns, who are four. Below is the old pic, that was still there on the front page, long long long after the contents of the picture ceased to fit on that spot on the floor.

... here's Elise w/ Abby ... who didn't make the old cover pic. Cute-out warning!

The cute part, and most of the other good qualities of these come from the person next to me below.

We're part of the grand experiment called homeschooling. Below, you get the flavor of it, running through the four chilluns from oldest to youngest.

First, immersion in science.

Second, writing. Some days aren't so great...

... but others are better.

Speech and ... um ... history or literature or something.

And, finally, making the world better
... or at least decorating part of it