Me and My Brother-in-Law

Here are Jeff and me posing for the camera, Easter 2004.

Here we are at his wedding in June of 2004.

and at another friend's wedding a few weeks before that.

And here we are at their family reunion in the summer of 2004.

Here's a shot of us hanging out at the Longhorn Smokehouse in Urbana, IL.

And after the amazing Illini comeback vs. Arizona in the 2005 NCAA tournament.

Here we are again at their family reunion, in 2005, standing in front of a glorious sunset.

When I think Christmas Day 2005, I think: Rapid City, Jeff, and a green life-size replica of a dinosaur.

And again (!) with the family reunion, this time 2006, joined by Jeff's daughter Sophia.

And one more at the family reunion in 2008.

Did you see the amazing comeback Illinois had against Indiana in spring 2010? Jeff and I did.

Here we are after running the Illinois (Half) Marathon Spring 2010

Here's one from a family reunion after we switched locations. As you can see, the new resort is fantastic!

This is when we went ice skating in Champaign-Urbana in November 2011. I find that people like my Illinois sweatshirt there.

They came out for Easter in, I think, 2012. I tried to look my best.

Jeff showed me this picture from ESPN: The Magazine about a couple of guys with Miami Heat season tickets. What cool dudes!

I rocked the crap out of the Illinois Half-Marathon in 2012, and Jeff was there to celebrate with me.

Jeff got a (signed) copy of my textbook for Christmas that year, and we were both pretty happy about that.

Here we are about to go to New York City with his daughters.

New Year's 2014 was all about having a great time!

Maybe this isn't totally relevant, but here's a picture of my student Ross after he successfully defended his dissertation. Congrats, Ross!

Vacation 2014 at Perham, MN's International Turtle Races with Jeff & a subset of his children

We had a great family night at the Illinois-Northwestern game in February 2015!

When I attempted water skiing in 2015, it was great to have my brother-in-law (& my skeptical niece) nearby.

Easter 2016, after a wonderful meal at Laughing Planet.

And Thanksgiving came quickly in 2016 - my, how time flies with Jeff!

Hey, did I mention that I've been helping with my church's college ministry? Here's Caleb, one of the students!

I don't know who's more proud of the Linguistics Department at IU, me or Jeff.

We took in a show, The Nutcracker (which his daughers were in) - good stuff!

What a guy!