About me

I’m a grad student in linguistics at Indiana University and also work as a computer programmer for digital humanities/digital scholarship at Bucknell University, specifically working on the Moravian Lives Project . Computational linguistics and natural language processing is currently my main area of research. My dissertation project involves socio-linguistic computational analysis of variation by gender and speech community in Moravian German memoirs in 18th century Pennsylvania. I have also done work with the Old Occitan linguistic corpus and the digital scholarship project involving the Romance of Flamenca with Olga Scrivner, Sandra Kübler, and Barbara Vance. Click above to see the digital scholarship project or the linguistic corpus. In the past I have done work involving Hungarian, Romance languages, Slavic languages and others. I have also done linguistics research in several different areas including second language acquisition, syntax, and phonetics. The picture above is the main building of the University of Debrecen in Hungary where I studied for two years as an exchange student.