Department of Linguistics
College of Arts and Sciences
Memorial Hall
Office Room 402
Bloomington, IN 47405-7005

Phone: (812) 855-3268
Fax: (812) 855-5363


skuebler at indiana dot edu


Sandra Kübler

Research Interests
  • Machine Learning of Natural Language
  • Parsing German
  • Dependency Parsing
  • NLP for iCALL
  • Machine Learning based on parallel corpora
  • Memory-Based Learning, k-nearest neighbor learning
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Part of Speech Tagging
  • Robust Parsing
  • Finite-State Techniques
Current Projects 
  • From parsing YouTube comments to identifying degrees of humor
  • Evidence-Based Fusion of Hard and Soft Information for the Assessment of Reliability of Soft Information
Former Projects 
  • Verbmobil, Verbmobil in Tübingen
  • the A1 project of the SFB441 
  • Weakly Supervised Linguistic Analysis
  • InfraWare Dictation Recognition Engine
  • Identifying Hateful Text on YouTube
  • Developing a Model for the Automatic Analysis of Hebrew Learners Proficiency (MAP-H)
  (Electronically available) papers
Current Students
Former Students
  • Emad Mohamed (now at Nuance)
  • Paul Rodrigues (now at CASL, University of Maryland)
  • Nathan Sanders (now at Microsoft)
  • Holger Wunsch (now at Capgemini)