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Sandra Kübler

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  • De Smedt, Koenraad; Jan Hajic, Sandra Kübler (2007) Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories. Bergen, Norway.
  • Dinu, Georgiana; Sandra Kübler (2007) Sometimes less is more: Romanian Word Sense Disambiguation Revisited. Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP 2007. Borovets, Bulgaria.
  • Kübler, Sandra (2007) How Do Treebank Annotation Schemes Influence Parsing Results? Or How Not to Compare Apples And Oranges. N. Nicolov, K. Boncheva, G. Angelova, R. Mitkov (eds.) Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV: Selected Papers from RANLP 2005. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Kübler, Sandra (2007) 'Review of "Memory-Based Language Processing" by Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch'. Linguistische Berichte 210. (In German.)
  • Kübler, Sandra; Steliana Ivanova; Eva Klett (2007) Combining Dependency Parsing with PP Attachment. Fourth Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium. Purdue University, IN.
  • Nivre, Joakim; Johan Hall, Sandra Kübler; Ryan McDonald; Jens Nilsson; Sebastian Riedel; Deniz Yuret (2007) The CoNLL 2007 Shared Task on Dependency Parsing. Proceedings of the CoNLL 2007 Shared Task. Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning (EMNLP-CoNLL 2007). Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Nivre, Joakim; Johan Hall; Jens Nilsson; Atanas Chanev; Gülsen Eryigit; Sandra Kübler; Svetoslav Marinov; Erwin Marsi (2007) MaltParser: A Language-Independent System for Data-Driven Dependency Parsing. Natural Language Engineering 13(2), 95--135.
  • Orasan, Constantin; Sandra Kübler (2007) Proceedings of International Workshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing. Borovets, Bolgaria.



  • Hinrichs, Erhard W.; Sandra Kübler (2006) What Linguists Always Wanted to Know About German and Did not Know How to Estimate. M. Suominen, A. Arppe, A. Airola, O. Heinämäki, M. Miestamo, U. Määttä, J. Niemi, K. Pitkänen, K. Sinnemäki (eds.) A Man of Measure: Festschrift in Honour of Fred Karlsson on his 60th Birthday. Turku: The Linguistic Association of Finland, Special Supplement to SKY Journal of Linguistics 19.
  • Kübler, Sandra (2006) `Review of "Memory-Based Language Processing" by Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch' Computational Linguistics 32(4).
  • Kübler, Sandra (2006) Towards Case-Based Parsing: Are Chunks Reliable Indicators for Syntax Trees? Proceedings of the COLING/ACL Workshop on Linguistic Distances. Sydney, Australia.
  • Kübler, Sandra; Erhard W. Hinrichs, Wolfgang Maier (2006) Is it Really that Difficult to Parse German? Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, EMNLP 2006. Sydney, Australia.
  • Kübler, Sandra; Jelena Prokic (2006) Why is German Dependency Parsing more Reliable than Constituent Parsing? Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Meyers, A.; A. Fang; L. Ferro; S. Kübler; T. Jia-Lin; M. Palmer; M. Poesio; A. Dolbey; K. K. Schuler; E. Loper; H. Zinsmeister; G. Penn; N. Xue; E. Hinrichs; J. Wiebe; J. Pustejovsky; D. Farwell; E. Hajicova; B. Dorr; E. Hovy; B. Onyshkevych; L. Levin (2006) Annotation Compatibility Working Group Report Proceedings of the Workshop on Frontiers in Linguistically Annotated Corpora 2006. Sydney, Australia.






  • Kübler, Sandra (2003) Parsing Without Grammar -- Using Complete Trees Instead. Proceedings of RANLP 2003, Borovets, Bulgaria, September 2003.
  • Telljohann, Heike; Erhard W. Hinrichs; Kübler, Sandra (2003) Stylebook for the Tübingen Treebank of Written German. Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Tübingen, Germany. Available from the treebank webpage.







  • Hinrichs, Erhard W.; Kübler, Sandra; Kordoni, Valia; Müller, Frank H. (2000) Robust Chunk Parsing for Spontaneous Speech. W. Wahlster (Ed.) Verbmobil: Foundations of Speech-to-Speech Translation. Berlin: Springer.
  • Kübler, Sandra; Hinrichs, Erhard W. (2000) Robustes Chunkparsing mit variabler Analysetiefe. KONVENS 2000 / Sprachkommunikation, Ilmenau, Oktober 2000.
  • Kübler, Sandra; Wagner, Andreas (2000) Evaluating POS tagging under sub-optimal conditions. Or: Does meticulousness pay? Proceedings of International Conference on Artificial and Computational Intelligence for Decision, Control and Automation in Engineering and Industrial Applications ACIDCA'2000, Tunisia, March 2000.





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