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  • Outline of Tutorial
  • Purpse
  • Goal
Which parser should I use?
  • Dependency Parsing
  • Constituency Parsing
What do I have to do before training?
  • Treebanks/Data
  • Domains
  • Preprocessing
    • MWEs
    • Crossing Branches
    • Null Nodes
  • Goal of parser (e.g. syntactic or semantic information)
What do I need to consider in training?
  • Algorithms
  • Parameters
  • Grammatical Functions
  • Training Sizes
  • POS Tags
What should I do after parsing?
  • Postprocessing
  • Evaluation
What is being parsed?
How do I use all those parsers?
  • Dependency Parser (MATE Tools, TurboParser)
  • Constituency Parser (Berkeley, Stanford)
  • Domain Specific parsers (Twitter parser)