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Kenneth J. de Jong

(um ... third from the right)

Professor of Linguistics & Cognitive Science ; Adjunct Professor of Second Language Studies

Indiana Phonetics Big Cheese, building on a rich foundation laid by Bob Port. Working alongside fellow Big Cheese, Kelly Berkson.

I'm also currently chair of the linguistics department, former president of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Phonetics.

Two research portals you might check out:

Phonetics Lab

This is a large collection of resources for individuals interested in phonetic research and opportunities at IU.

Linguistic Speech Lab

This is our more local research portal for working documents.

My research is in experimental approaches to phonological systems, with special interests in second language acquisition and historical dynamics. More about this on the research-page. More about me on the more-page.

IU is a very special environment for phonetic research, due to the wide variety of expertise on campus in aspects of experimental speech research, and language areas. Some of the many people outside the department my students and I have learned many things about aspects of speech science research from are Tessa Bent, Isabelle Darcy, Diane Kewley-Port, John Kruschke, Jennifer Lentz, Rob Nosofsky, John Paolillo, David Pisoni, and Jim Townsend.

540 Ballantine Hall

Indiana University

Bloomington, Ind. 47405

Phone: (812) 856-1307

Kdejong at Indiana_point_edu