Levi King

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I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Linguistics (CL) at Indiana University. During my time in the CL program, I've primarily worked on projects involving practical applications of parsing, language modeling and text processing. On the way to my Ph.D., I've picked up a dual M.A. in CL (Department of Linguistics) and Applied Linguistics & TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Department of Second Language Studies). Before discovering the exciting world of CL, I worked in print/multimedia and TESOL, two areas that continue to influence my work in CL. While my CL interests run the gamut, I'm particularly interested in applying natural language processing to the automatic content analysis of non-native speaker language, and more broadly, the analysis of "noisy" language data in general. These days, like everyone in NLP or data science, I'm trying to incorporate more deep learning and machine learning methods into my work.
When I'm not in the office, you might find me working on the farm or daydreaming about the hobbies I wish I had more time for in recent years, like drone photography, pottery, comic books and sci-fi, live music, climbing and coding projects. And one of these days, I'll join the 21st Century and move this site to WordPress.

I'm planning to move to NYC in the fall of 2018 (unless a job takes me elsewhere).

I've been slowly migrating current and old projects to GitHub: github.com/leviaking

I abhor social media, but I have a blog that I update on occasion: leviaking.blogspot.com