Annis Web Browser-Based Corpus Search

ANNIS is a web browser-based search tool for querying, visualizing and exporting data from annotated corpora. For more detailed information, visit ANNIS web site - or read the ANNIS User Guide (Download Guide)

Go to Web-Browser Search (click here).

Query Instructions

ANNIS Architecture

  1. Select Section(s).
  2. Open Graphical Query Builder.
  3. Create Nodes: click on "+" to specify annotation values. Ex. pos (part-of-spech), cat (syntactic category), lemma, or tok (word form). Select operator: exact match (the "=" symbol), not equal (the "!=" symbol) or wildcard search with Regular Expressions (the "~" symbol). Add a value. Ex. VX infinitive, NCS - singular noun, etc (see the list of tags and syntactic categories in Description of Tags).
  4. token operator value

  5. Select "green arrow" to specify the relationship between words/tags. Ex. the "." symbol - direct precedence, the ">" symbol - direct dominance, etc (read the section "Operators in AQL list" of the ANNIS tutorial.
  6. Click Show Results.
  7. Click Export. Choose Exporter: SimpleTextExporter - plain text with all tokens, including the context (5 word on the left, 5 words on the right); TextExporter - text with annotations, ex dog/NN.