About Our Team

  1. Dr. Olga Scrivner - Project Director (obscrivn AT indiana DOT edu)
  2. I am a Visiting Lecturer at Spanish and Portuguese Department at Indiana University. My primary research goals are directed toward understanding the nature of language variation and change using probabilistic and computational linguistic methods. My work is concentrated on building resource-light diachronic corpora and data visualization tools. For more information, please visite my site.

  3. Michael Paul McGuire - Webmaster (mpmcguir AT indiana DOT edu)
  4. My primary role in the project is to design and maintain the project’s websites, front-end and back-end. I have also done some other work on the project such as working with OCR for the Old Occitan texts and translations. For more information, please visit my personal website.

  5. Dr. T.M. Rainsford - Occitan Poem Boece
  6. I am a lecturer (Akademischer Rat) at the Institut für Linguistik/Romanistik at the University of Stuttgart. My field of research is historical Romance linguistics, in particular French, Italian, and Occitan, and more specifically the interaction between prosodic change and changes in morpho-syntax. I work frequently with historical corpora, and have developed corpora with both syntactic and metrical annotation layers. For more information, please visite my site.

  7. Dr. Barbara Vance - Old Occitan and Old French
  8. Dr. Sandra Kübler - Corpus Linguistics consulting
  9. Contributors: Eric Beuerlein - Old Occitan OCR correction (Flamenca)